Note: Coach Lee Wilson was interviewed in a story by the New York Times regarding a poll/survey he did of married couples who were considering divorce prior and during the lockdowns of COVID-19. His first such poll was featured in USA Today. Below is the interview and story from the New York Times:

Coach Lee Wilson

From the New York Times:

Some divorce lawyers and relationship experts said that the uncertainty of the pandemic and financial concerns are two reasons couples are staying together.

Divorces from coast to coast have slowed considerably in the last 12 months, according to lawyers, relationship coaches in…

When people approach me as a relationship coach and ask for help in reuniting with their ex after a breakup, they almost always want to know what their odds are of getting their ex back.

They also want to know how often exes come back in general.

They want to know if the things that I talk about in my videos really work.

Before I get any further, I want to strongly encourage you to watch my video above all the way through.

The more that you know about this and the more that this information is reinforced within…

Usually, you don’t get your ex back right away or overnight.

Be sure to watch the video above as I explain the typical stages of getting back together with an ex after a breakup.

There aren’t magic words or special actions that will cause your ex to decide to get back together with you. I’m specifically referring to the time period shortly after your ex broke up with you.

At that point in time, your ex either hasn’t entered the stages an ex goes through during no contact that almost always have to happen in order for your ex…

To look for signs that your ex will eventually come back is perfectly natural and reasonable if you want to reunite with them.

This is especially true if you are using the No Contact Rule and are wondering if it is making an impact on your ex boyfriend or ex girlfriend.

Since you are going to look for signs and try to determine if a certain action or inaction is signaling that your ex is eventually going to come back or is thinking about reaching out about it, I have put together a list for you of indications that…

Well said Meghan, taking away choice is equally as wrong on both sides. People deserve to live the life they choose to live and to be allowed to pursue their dreams instead of forced into a way of life by a group or what is considered politically correct. Live your own life. For me, that means being a manly man. ;)

If you want to know signs that your ex still loves you after breaking up with you, Coach Lee shares them in the video above and in this post.

As I discussed in another post, it’s possible that a person could break up with someone but still be in love with him or her.

So while it’s possible that your ex could have broken up with you while still being in love with you deep down, it’s also possible that your ex was very confused and now has had a resurgence of their feelings and attraction for you.


The No Contact Rule always works, even if it’s not how you want it to at first.

In this video, Coach Lee, explains how the No Contact Rule always works to achieve your real purpose — even if it doesn’t get your ex back. However, as Coach Lee very often explains, No Contact is your best bet to get your ex back and to reunite with him or her.

If you want a POWERFUL guide to get your ex back where I walk you through the process, get my Emergency Breakup Kit.

I truly wish you the best.

-Coach Lee
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Though less than 5% of the population could be clinically diagnosed as having “Narcissistic Personality Disorder,” if your ex or someone you think you want to be in a relationship with acts like a narcissist, why would you want to be in a relationship with them?

If they act like a narcissist, it’s not a consolation prize that they don’t have such an official diagnosis.

With that in mind, here are some traits of someone who is narcissistic in terms of what he or she can’t feel that normal people…

And that they are seeing the breakup as a mistake

Do you want your ex to hurt?

Well, what I do know is that you want them back and you are likely looking for signs that they want you back as well.

Don’t worry, I’m not going to lecture you about that.

I’m on your side.

One sign of that would be if your ex was hurting over the breakup, but how can you know if your ex is hurting or experiencing emotional pain?

In this article I’ll share some signs that your ex is hurting.

I highly recommend…

It’s quite a common thing for a coaching client to say casually to me that their ex has “narcissistic tendencies.”

Often times this is said as though they are simply describing the kind of fast food their ex likes.

“Oh by the way, she/he has narcissistic tendencies.”

Some heart-broken people do a lot of research online after they’ve been broken up with and there’s a lot of people out there throwing the word “narcissist” around like it’s a pet name or an easy diagnosis.

Often I’ll hear, “My ex is a covert narcissist.”

The reality of that is, you…

Coach Lee

Coach Lee helps people get their ex back after breakups and have success in relationships. See and

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